Each race has a point value for each gender. First place finisher will receive 100 points with each finisher after receiving points based on percentage of winning time (If the winner ran the race in 15 min and you run it in 30 min you would receive 50 points Formula = [Your Time / Winning Time] X100. If a runner runs more than the 7 races their top 7 scores will be used for the final tally.

The scoring will be based on net time for each race regardless of the method used by the individual race to calculate places.

Series Finisher

To get a Dover Race Series jacket you must register as well as complete seven 5k races with one race being longer than a 5k Participants age 14 and under as of January 1 will have to complete 7 races of any lenth. All finishers qualify regardless of time as long as they are listed in the official results. It is the participants responsibility to ensure they are on the final results. (The SIX03 5k that coinsides with the 10k does not count toward any series race)

All efforts will be taken to assist anyone with a dispute, if this happens please submit a ticket using the navagation menu on the top left.

Each participant must sign up and pay for each individual race separately, the race series registration is just to receive a jacket.

Participant Information

If a participant wishes to change any of their series sign up information they must us the Submit a Ticket in the navagation menu on the top left. The best effort will be made to use the sign up information and the race information to properly apply the scoring and jacket requirements. Please let us know if we miss something. We will be sending out reminders throughout the series to check the information. Once the scores are announced finalized and jackets ordered there will be no changes allowed.


Besides receiving a jacket for completing the required 7 races there may be other prizes awarded. The prizes are still being worked out in our committee. The winners will be recognized on the web site as well as social media to have bragging rights for the following year.


The Dover Race Series Committee is made up of individual race directors and/or their representatives with the exception of web site, social media and scoring witch is done by a separate individual. At this time the committee is closed to new participants.

All decisions of the committee on any issues brought forth to the committee will be final.